My Mission:
Create Great Drummers and Excellent Musicians

Whatever your age and ability it’s time to discover the coolest instrument in the world.

Ready to start your drumming journey? 

why study with me?


Over 15 years I have created a unique way of teaching and helping you achieve your goals.

personalised 1-1 lessons

All lessons are 1-1 and personalised to your level and drumming goals.

15+ years experience

I have taught thousands of lessons to thousands of drummers from all over the world.

custom designed studio

The perfect place to learn the drums and master your skills.

student portal

Access a personalised student portal with lesson notes, additional monthly challenges and extra features.

100% exam pass rate

Whether it’s school exams, grades or uni auditions I will help you pass with flying colours.

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Make The Best Possible Start

As a beginner you’ll learn the fundamental skills to get started on the drums and make massive progress, quickly! 

You’ll learn to play your favourite songs and learn how your favourite drummers play. 


Take Your Drumming To The Next Level

So you have been playing for a while but feel stuck and don’t know where to go from here?

I can help you break through your drumming barriers and open your mind to new drumming and musical possibilities. 

Using tried and tested systems, I can transform your abilities behind the kit and help you play with more freedom and more musicality


Achieve Your Full Potential

Advanced students will learn to become world class musicians. 

We will learn to write our own drum parts for songs, learn advanced concepts such as polyrhythms and odd times as well as essential skills for both the studio and live.


For over 15 years I’ve been a professional drum teacher, teaching drums to students of all ages and abilities. It’s a true joy and I love seeing students achieve their full potential, on and off the drums. 

My lessons are a little different from other drum lessons but in a good way. We focus on building practice routines and systems that allow you to unlock the drums yourself and empower you to become not only a great drummer but an amazing musician. 

As a beginner, you’ll learn how to make the best possible start on the drums. From technique to playing famous grooves you will gain the confidence and skills to learn your favourite songs and foster good drumming habits. 

For intermediate and advanced drummers, I will start to expand your vocabulary and help you really maximise your practice time with my unique practice systems and concepts. This will help you to become a better musician and take your drumming to the next level. 

For professional or aspiring professional drummers, we focus on the necessary skills to make amazing music. We will dive deep into developing your songwriting skills and you’ll learn to craft great drum parts. We will focus on growing your drumming career. 

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